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Our mission
Holistic Wellbeing for Your Pet

Wuff it! Premium Pet Care Products provides the first pet-care line of soaps and shampoos specially formulated with natural, organic ingredients for the particular cleanliness and grooming needs of your pets.

Brand Promise

Love the world, love your pets!

Wuff it! will always deliver highest-quality products for the holistic wellbeing of your pet.  We will always use organic products that are environmentally sound and natural .

About Our Products

Premium Pet Care Products

Hand-crafted in Latvia in consultation with top veterinary and pharmaceutical specialists, Wuff it! soaps and shampoos use plant extracts, essential oils, natural spring water, hypoallergenic and PH-balanced formulas with mild, natural, therapeutic aromas. Our formulas soothe and nourish the fur and skin of your pet, neutralizing odors, reducing the risk of allergies, and keeping your pet’s particular type of coat clean and healthy-ultimately enhancing their wellbeing. Wuff it! was founded on our love for our pets and our knowledge of the healthful properties of Baltic botanicals.

The Baltic Advantage

Rooted in northern Europe on the Baltic Sea, the Baltic region has a unique environment for certain plants and growing cycles. Because of the cold winters and the short blooming period (growing season), northern plants have evolved to retain valuable essential nutrients in a higher natural concentration than in any other climate zone. Our highly qualified herbalists are well versed in the active properties of indigenous Baltic plants, knowing when to pick them and how to prepare them. Each type of herb is dried and stored in accordance with its structure and water content so as to best preserve its medicinal properties. Fruits and flowers, roots and leaves are collected and processed according to the specific qualities of each plant.

We are making available this wholesome knowledge through our products.

Consumer Profile

Wuff it! pets are loved and respected family members, whose health and wellbeing deserve the same care and attention as our own. Wuff it! customers embody this unconditional love for their pets. Wuff it! envisions a world where people and their pets enjoy the same holistic approach to wellness. Whether you and your pet are enjoying a period of health and vitality or are engaged in a dynamic process of recovery from disease, Wuff it! premium pet care products will improve the quality of life for you and your pet.